NEW!   Trommus children's drums

No, they're not free-reed instruments! But we are so completely in love with these fantastic
drums from Denmark that we've become their principal distributor in the UK.

As well as being great fun to play on, and play with, Trommus also ...

  • Make a fantastic musical sound: they handle like toys but sound like real drums

  • Can be played with hands or soft, fluffy Trommus drumsticks

  • Are lightweight but strong and unbreakable; can be stacked, rolled and even sat on!*

  • Are completely safe, with no sharp edges: made from non-toxic materials and real skins

  • Easy to store - the drums stack inside each other when not in use

  • Ideal for ages 1 to 10, as well as for children and adults with special needs and for use in   music therapy

  • Designed by a percussion teacher and made in a small family-run factory in Denmark

  • Two-year manufacturer's guarantee, plus Black Diamond's well-known enduring customer care if anything goes wrong after the warranty period is over

Trommus drums are available individually or in various set combinations

Not recommended for those over 3 years!

E3 Full set of 8 drums
A2 Large
C2 Large
C1 Small
B2 Large
B1 Small
D3 Large
D1 Small
BDA1 Set of 4 tall drums
A1 Small
BDA4 Set of 3 short drums
BDA2 Full set of 3 tall drums
BDA5 Set of 2 tall drums
BDA3 Set of 4 short drums
BDA2 Set of 3 tall drums


Shop coming soon ...

K Fluffy drum sticks £5

A couple of points to note ...


  • Trommus drums are made with natural skins, which are sensitive to temperature and humidity. They are designed principally for indoor use. If they get damp from being left outdoors or exposed to rain, steam or liquid spills, the skins will slacken. But luckily this is very easily remedied by careful use of a hairdryer set at low to moderate heat, which will gradually shrink the skins back to their proper tautness. (Anyone who visited us at Sidmouth Folk Festival will know the dramatic effect on the skins of sitting overnight in a damp marquee in a flooded municipal garden! But you will also have seen how quickly they tightened up again after being blow-dried.)  

  • Dogs LOVE Trommus! They think they're specially designed chewy treats, ideal for gnawing in idle moments. If you have a dog, please keep it away from your Trommus drum(s)! Gaping holes in the skins caused by hungry canines (or indeed any other pet) are NOT covered by the two-year warranty. (We will very happily replace chewed drum skins for you, but there will be a reasonable charge for doing so.)

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