The Black Diamond D/G Diatonic Melodeon


Available in black or red, the Black Diamond D/G Melodeon was road-tested at folk festivals all over the UK in 2012. The verdict was resoundingly positive and these great little instruments have been selling steadily ever since.




21 treble buttons

8 bass buttons

Italian reeds


3.3 kg, excluding straps (3.9 kg incl straps and soft rucksack-style carrying case)




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Please state your colour preference when ordering: red or black


"I have had my Black Diamond D/G melodeon for two months now - and I love it. As a complete beginner I looked around at the 'starter level' melodeons and the Black Diamond stood out in the reviews, so I took the plunge and ordered it. It arrived just two days later and the support I have received has been excellent. My beginner's questions have been answered immediately by email and I have felt very confident that Black Diamond really care about their customers. Great value and excellent service. Recommended!" - SP
"I am a complete beginner [but] three experienced melodeon players at my local Morris side gave it a squeeze and were all very impressed by sound, movement and quality in general and declared it a bargain." A recent purchaser


"I played this [D/G] box for a full two weeks before the RTIR, it's a real gem, I didn't really wanna give it back. A great little box, very light, very quick and a beautiful italian sound.” James Delarre


"I spent some time putting one to the test and I must say for the price I was very impressed. The keyboard had a nice feel, the action was light, the Cagnoni reeds were very responsive and the bellows not at all stiff. Generally the box felt like it was well put together."


"A very good starter/intermediate box and with the Italian reeds, very sweet. Held its own for speed when we really got going. Nice left hand sounds."


"The Black Diamond melodeons ... seemed very good value indeed ... were nice to play and sounded good as well."